The True Coffee

The arts and crafts

Neapolitan passion coffee

To create the Neapolitan Passion Blend selected Central American Arabica coffees and fine coffee robusta

Indians are roasted and ground in the ancient Neapolitan tradition.

A fragrant and full-bodied coffee with an intense and aromatic taste. To be enjoyed in all formats!

50 Capsules $17.50

Set for two € 25.00

Ground € 5.00

Grains € 25.00

Cups € 35.00

Waffles € 13.00

The 'arts and crafts

Re Nero lucky charms made entirely and individually by hand by Neapolitan master artisans
carry on the ancient Neapolitan tradition of pottery making.

A unique gift, perfect for any occasion!

Grains € 25.00

Waffles € 13.00

Grains € 25.00

Waffles € 13.00